A man at a rally on London's Trafalgar Square with a sign, “没有核战争”, campaigning for nuclear disarmament, in support for the Ukrainian people at war.
A man at a rally on London's Trafalgar Square with a sign, “没有核战争”, campaigning for nuclear disarmament, in support for the Ukrainian people at war.

核武器 解决方案





US nuclear weapons are on hair-trigger alert.

大约9,500 nuclear weapons are hidden away in bunkers and missile siloes, 仓库储存, at airfields and naval bases, and carried by dozens of submarines across the world.

A single warhead can demolish a city center. A full-fledged nuclear war would threaten life as we know it.

But with the right policies and safeguards, we can help protect against mistakes, 事故, 以及糟糕的决策——我们可以朝着一个没有核威胁的世界努力.

核武器是为了阻止其他国家的核攻击. 然而, 目前的政策允许美国率先在冲突中使用核武器,以应对朝鲜的非核攻击,从而发动核战争, 俄罗斯, 或中国.

A "no-first-use” policy would take this option off the table. 美国可以保证它永远不会首先使用核武器, regardless of the circumstances. Doing so would reduce the risk of miscalculation during a crisis, and limit the possibility of a smaller, non-nuclear conflict escalating into a nuclear one.

没有不, the US public is at greater risk of a devastating attack, 要么是因为另一个国家——担心美国使用核武器——决定先升级, or the United States chooses to start a nuclear war, leading to cataclysmic retaliation.


在美国, 总统一个人对发射核武器的决定负有责任. They are not required to consult with anyone, 而且,一旦下达合法发射命令,没有人有权叫停.

这种控制系统(被称为“唯一权威”)并不是处理发射决策的唯一方法. 其他 officials could securely 被包括 在决定中, providing checks and balances and a basic defense against mistakes, 事故, 失误, 和鲁莽.


目前,位于美国中心地带的800枚核弹头导弹处于“一触即发”的警戒状态.“如果传感器显示即将到来的核攻击威胁到这些导弹, it’s US policy to alert the president, 在袭击被证实之前,谁会需要下令立即发射以防止它们被摧毁呢.

But sensors can be wrong. 一长串核项目 比分接近的比赛—which include technical malfunctions, 误解, 而纯粹的坏运气——表明我们离错误地发动核战争有多近.

解除这些导弹的一触即发警报(或“解除警报”)将立即消除错误或意外发射的风险, 同时保留我们对隐藏在海上的潜艇进行导弹报复的能力.


The United States is currently planning to spend an estimated $1.在接下来的30年里花费7万亿美元来维护和替换整个核武库, including nuclear-armed bombers, 导弹, 和潜艇.

Such a tremendous investment of money and effort is unnecessary. It also encourages 俄罗斯 to build more capable weapons of its own, accelerating an emerging and destabilizing international arms race.

而不是, the United States should eliminate some types of nuclear weapons, refurbish the remaining weapons where possible, and make any necessary replacements without enhancing capabilities.

International agreements

总共 9个国家 possess nuclear weapons. 减少核战争的风险需要所有这些国家改变国内政策, as well as cooperation and verified agreements between them.

Diplomacy has a strong track record. 多项条约和协议——以及数十年的对话与合作——帮助美苏两国将武器库从64个之多减少到现在,000 warheads in the 1980s to a total of around 8,今天的000. Unfortunately, today international nuclear arms control is in trouble.

The Biden administration’s 5-year extension of the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) with 俄罗斯, 这是两国最后一项双边军控协议吗, but the US and 俄罗斯 seem to be 在小路上 to letting the treaty expire in 2026 with no replacement, Negotiation of a new agreement, 或者,延长目前的协议将降低核风险,但很难实现. 一个更可行的选择是,美国和俄罗斯承诺在条约到期后遵守条约中规定的限制.

分别, 中国强烈希望通过国际途径来控制军备,而不是双边协议. 中国愿与美国政府共同努力,推动《617888九五至尊娱乐》生效,并就《517888九五至尊娱乐》进行谈判. Both agreements would make the United States and the world more secure.